Cutting Edge Firewood

Machinery modifications

About this Project

Our customer came to us having started their own large scale wood processing operation. They wanted to make various modifications to the machinery to improve their productivity and reduce waste.

Our team worked closely with our customer to understand how we could better engineer the machinery they were using. The customer had two electric conveyers which we converted to hydraulic and set up to run simultaneously with the machines hydraulic system. We built a frame to house the two conveyors with shoots that separate the waste and kindling which can now be used as a salable bi product.

We modified their wood splitter to be able to split the rings of wood into usable pieces of firewood in one motion – making the process more efficient. 

We shortened the bucket on the telehandler to the size of their hopper to stop wood spilling over the sides with the potential to damage the hydraulic system – this created a smoother operation with less down time.

We also modified a shipping container by cutting out a section, installing a ranch slider and internal wall and repurposed the section cut out to make a lean to for shelter. The container is now used as their on-site office.

This customer is very pleased with the work we have completed, and we continue to maintain and modify their machinery.

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